Monday, March 12, 2012

Generosity Beyond My Imagination

I meant to post this earlier, but, as it so often does, time got away from me, but I feel it is still very important to share what happened on Wednesday, March 7.

I was on my way to my first Intel lunch vendor set up, and I was so excited! When I arrived and carted all of my cupcakes/cake pops & the rest of my display into the lunch area I discovered that there was a Bake Sale going on to raise money for a girls school in Kenya! To make matters worse, I was to set up about 20 feet from them.

The lunch was only 2 hours, so I decided to make the most of it, and I hoped I would be able to at least hand out some business cards. Well, an hour and fifteen minutes went by & only two people had stopped by my booth just to look at what I had. A few minutes later a gentleman came by and asked me how much for my entire inventory, I stated that I would have to add it up (I was a little hesitant, thinking he was just curious). He asked me to add everything up & that he would be right back. I did as I was asked & he came back a few minutes later and asked for the total, I told him what it would be & he said he was going to buy my inventory & then we would put all of my items on the Bake Sale table so they could resell them to raise money for their cause!!! He gave me his credit card without even batting an eye. As you can imagine, I was in total disbelief & was almost in tears. I asked if he had a business card (I was wanting to send him a serious thank you note), and he responded, "no, I don't have any", he then went on to say that he wanted to support a local small business like mine since it wasn't fair that Intel had booked me on the same day as the bake sale & he also wanted to donate to a worthy cause.

I found out as I was packing up that he had already made a good sized donation to the Bake Sale and that he goes out of his way to support local businesses & charities all the time.

This man is truly one of a kind & I know that I am blessed that he did what he did for me. I don't know if I will ever see him again, but I feel that I am a better person to have met him.

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