Our pricing is very competitive and as an added bonus we deliver all over the valley at a reasonable rate (please contact us for delivery charges as they do vary slightly depending on zip code).

Standard size cupcakes:  $36.00 per dozen (minimum 1 dozen required)

Jumbo size cupcakes:  $54.00 per dozen (minimum 1 dozen required)

Mini size cupcakes:  $12.00 per dozen (minimum 2 dozen required)

***Special designs or decorations will increase the cost per dozen, please contact us for pricing.

Party Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Bride/Groom Cakes:  Please contact us for pricing as it is determined by the size and complexity of the design

Cookies:  $15.00-$18.00 per dozen (minimum 1 dozen required)

Decorated Sugar Cookies:  Starting at $30 per dozen

Brownies:  $24.00 per dozen (minimum 1 dozen required)

People Puppy Chow:  $18.00 (contains approximately 8-10 cups)

Popcorn Balls:  $18.00 (contains 1 dozen 3" popcorn balls)


  1. I'm sorry, I just saw your question. To place an order, please call 602.757.5934

  2. Is there a delivery fee for purchases?

  3. Yes, $10 or $15 depending on the delivery zip code