Saturday, March 31, 2012

Something remarkable...

I discovered last night that I am one of the most blessed people in the world.

Do you ever have one of those times when you are doing everything you can to get ahead and you just keep falling behind? Last night was one of those times for me, I had a huge Cake Pop order for a wedding reception plus several special orders & markets to prepare for, usually I have help on Friday's, but my assistant was unavailable to help so I was on my own. I was done with all the cupcakes around 9:30pm and I needed to get started on the Cake Pops since I had over 200 of them to do for the weekend deliveries & markets. I knew it was going to be a long night so I settled in a good stride & was making steady progress, around 11:30 I knew I still had at least another 4, maybe 5 hours of work to be done since I had to finish dipping & decorating the cake pops, then wrapping & tying ribbons on them & packaging them in the boxes for delivery. I'm doing my thing when the bartender, Becca, from the Humble Pie restaurant next door walked by my door & asked how much longer I would be there, I told her probably at least 4 more hours maybe more, she then asked if I needed help, I of course couldn't turn down an extra set of hands, so I said that I would love some help. She said that she had to finish her paperwork & would be over in about 10 minutes or so. What happened next totally floored of the servers, Candace, came to the door & said she was there to help, then another server, Dave, came and said the same thing, then along came Becca & her boyfriend (Rich, I think). They all were there to help me wrap, tie ribbons & package the cake pops so that I didn't have to stay there so late. What amazed me more than anything was that they were all in their early twenties and were so sweet & willing to help me out on a late Friday night instead of going home to bed or out with friends after their shift next door.

I am humbled that such an amazing group of young people came to my rescue! These four remarkable individuals did in an hour & an half what would have taken me upwards of 5 hours on my own! When I tried to pay them, they all said at once, "no way" & they headed out the door!

As I listened to their animated conversations fade into the darkness of the parking lot, I smiled and realized at how blessed I really am!


  1. Thanks for sharing with all of us--there are some wonderful people out there who totally exceed our expectations. We were at a buffet the other day and my Mom (who has trouble walking) was trying to get something and needed a bowl. This darling young man helped her out (he was at that age where you don't expect them to be aware of the needs of others, especially their elders). My Mom thanked his parents before we left--people should be praised more for the good things; so often, we only speak up when there's a complaint involved.

  2. Good for you! If I was in your position, I wouldn't turn down help as well. Heheh. I would greatly appreciate it, if someone did that for me. So, how did the delivery go? Do you have your own shop, or do you make your cupcakes at home?

    Ethan Mudgett